Written by Roger Jackson,
December 29th, 2017 | Views

What can we learn about in-store marketing from dating?

After extensive research with my kids (yes, they are over the age of majority!), I can report that dating has remarkable similarities with in-store marketing. Not convinced? Then read on.

Step 1. Getting noticed

Wow, a lot of pre-nightclub effort goes into looking right. Choosing the right outfit, sorting the hair, doing the make-up, to name just a few. All this to win the “first glance” battle – will someone walk over to me and ask to dance?

For us, that’s our display. Where are we positioned, what do we look like, do we grab attention? Don’t think planogram, think new hairdo. Maybe we can entice people with displays of lovely looking food, or images of happy people enjoying our products.

Step 2. First impressions count

It’s all in the initial eye contact, the smile, the flirt, and the introduction. This is where the fear factor kicks in because the chances of rejection are thought to be high and self-esteem is on the line. Try too hard and you put someone off, lack confidence and you fail to inspire.

For us, that’s what strong merchandising is about. Those easy to see solutions, the big familiar brands, the easy to understand layout. Do we use big brands to draw in the buyer?  Are we pushing the shoppers’ hot buttons?

Step 3. Getting to know you

We could just dance but really (sorry kids) this involves conversation. Am I the kind of person for you and vice versa. Small talk yes, but the tone of voice, asking the right questions, showing interest. These all build trust and a sense of affinity. They develop a feel-good factor.

For us, this is the work our brand has done to ensure that our pack brings the right messages, feelings and connotations to create the comfort factor and the confidence to part with cash.  Does our shopper marketing make the link between our marketing themes and the purchase?

Step 4. Here’s my number

Ahem, you know what I mean. Yes indeed, the chance to go on a proper date. To move from a casual meeting to a relationship. It’s a competitive game.  Remember, for our attractive object of affection, we are not the only option around!

For us, it’s the purchase (and of course re-purchase, we don’t want too may one night stands do we?). Do we get in the basket or does someone else (no sniggering at the back please)? What if our shopper has danced with more than one brand (shocking), and what (even more shocking) if another brand is offering the dating equivalent of a rather too short skirt – something on the cheap…..how do we make sure we don’t lose them?

I get the impression that most people in the typical dating scene know when they have lost out. Those going home alone tend to know all too well if they failed to even talk to someone, or were blown out even if it seemed to be going great as their “prospect” ended up saying, “I’ll call you”.

From the dating experience, we should know what to practice, what to work on and what to get better at.

But, do we really? How can we know when we are not sure where we are losing the sale?

Good news. We can now tell you.