Life in retail is pressured. You can’t do everything. You need to pick the right priorities, based on what your customers actually care about.

Covering the whole store, comparing category to category (and importantly, to your competitors as well), we’re the only data that gives you the shopper’s own perspective.

Designed to use week in week out, we put objective shopper facts at the heart of every decision.

Shopper Intelligence Retailers

Complements your other data

Sales and Loyalty card data are a gold mine of shopper behaviour insight. Patterns of what shoppers buy are hugely useful. But this lacks a crucial perspective: the shoppers own feedback on why they do what they do. This is where Shopper  Intelligence comes in.


Conducting your own “why” quantitative research regularly on even just the biggest categories would be time and cost prohibitive. Your existing shopper feedback process is most likely light on category depth.


Relying on occasional Vendor research and insights is at best limited in its coverage, and at worst biased or partial in its view.


What you need is shopper’s input that is as regular, comprehensive and structured as purchase data. That’s what SI provides.

Unique insights crucial to the “so what”

SI has four unique characteristics that make it powerful in making better shopper driven business decisions

  • It gives competitive context. We benchmark your banner(s) against your competitors category by category. You watch market share like a hawk. Now you can understand relative shopper dynamics in the same way.

  • By measuring all categories in one process we benchmark each to the rest. Thus we can not only provide the dynamics of a category. We can show where it sits from highest to lowest, and hence why it should be treated a certain way in the context of the whole store.

  • It measures the causes of shopper purchase decisions. Providing data on crucial and otherwise subjective matters like Category Role, the Path to Purchase, Satisfaction, Decision Hierarchy and more

  • Its power comes from its consistency. We track like for like quarter by quarter or year by year so you can track change. We measure each category and competitor in exactly the same way. Not least because if a buyer moves from category A to category B they can get up to speed on their new shopper in a matter of minutes.

  • Affordability

    Today’s retailing world is about doing more with less. Data investment has to work harder than ever. Our syndicated model gives you access to an astonishing level of depth and breadth at a remarkably low level of cost.

  • Vendor input

    It matters that Vendors understand your shoppers better. That they know how to propose plans that match your business and makes sense for your customers. That’s the key source of profitable growth. Shopper Intelligence allows you to build a longer term collaboration on insights led category, promotion and innovation plans from both Private Label and Branded suppliers.
    Each initiative has an opportunity cost. Make sure your stores hit the nail on the head with activity that drives the right shopper response in the right category.

At your fingertips

Our data analytics software is a flexible system that quickly puts precisely the correct information to answer today’s business questions at your teams’ fingertips for use in marketing plans or category projects. We support a range of working from self serve to “we do it all for you”. We can supply your buyers with simple easy to understand briefings. We can work with you on more depth projects.


We can also supply our data directly into your internal database.




Understanding the drivers of category performance across the store. Powering better category plans. Improving marketing effectiveness. Year in year out.

Join over 100 retailers and cpg firms that already subscribe to this systematic source of objective facts on the causal factors behind what shoppers buy

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