Elevate your category thinking with non-stop voice of the shopper data, rocket-fueled by across-the-store comparisons.

We get you continual how and why insights on a scale that’s impossible to afford any other way
In a supplier?

Build proposals that win agreement from your buyer

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In a retailer?

Know the right strategy for each category

Join over 100 retailers and cpg firms that already subscribe to this systematic source of objective facts on the causal factors behind what shoppers buy

Our survey and observation data deliver up-to-date diagnostic measures into the drivers of shopping purchasing behaviour.

Other industry data skips over the causes of shopper decisions.
One-off shopper insights projects are expensive, time-consuming, and have limited coverage.

Our ongoing measurement programs make it easy to compare your category to all other categories and each retailer to its competitors.

Context that makes your proposals truly persuasive and helps you win the day, whether you work in a supplier or retailer.
  • “Shopper Intelligence insights made a great difference to CCEP’s understanding of shopper perceptions on soft drinks in Grocery at the front of store. We used the Shopper Intelligence insights to highlight 3 top shopper satisfaction attributes to revive Tesco front of store and were able to achieve results directly with Tesco”

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    “This is rapidly becoming one of those tools we simply can’t live without. Retailers want to understand what’s happening outside their own four walls, and metrics about what truly matters to their shoppers. Shopper Intelligence hits a lot of blind spots that drive better solutions”

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    “SI gives you something fresh and useful that the retailer doesn’t already know insight wise, so you can add value for your buyer and build that trusted relationship”

  • “I’ve always believed that the idea of having a “Category Role” for each category was a breakthrough concept that Category Management brought to retail decision making. It’s great that Shopper Intelligence now adds objective shopper-led metrics to this crucial discussion.”

Easily and quickly know how shoppers buy your category and how it compares to others in your department and the rest of the store.

We also show how any one retailer compares to its rivals.
In depth comparisons that make your proposals more persuasive.

The benefits of using our continuous survey
and observation driven shopper data to
improve store and category outcomes

  • Category oriented

    Unashamedly category and shopper focussed

  • Retailer oriented

    Get a perspective that retailers truly value

  • Comparisons

    Across store and competitor comparisons that unlock the insights

  • Always Up To Date

    Know the latest
    market dynamics

  • Affordable and efficient

    Cover all your categories and retailers continuously


How it works.

We interview and observe shoppers at scale, measuring their perceptions, needs, and behaviours.

Using an ultra-efficient process, we measure all retailers, categories and brands and create an in-depth database covering the entire market. We do it year in and year out for the whole industry.

You access this data gold mine via our online platform, supported by our team of category management enthusiasts.

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Facts and Stats

Started in 2007, Shopper Intelligence is now the largest
shopper measurement program in the world. Annually:
  • k
    Shoppers globally
  • Channel programs
  • Countries
  • m
    Data points

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