Want cat man success with
your retailer?

Get up-to-date shopper point-of-view metrics for each of your categories. Across-the-store and banner benchmarks will make your proposals more compelling to buyers.

Shopper Intelligence Suppliers

Other syndicated data sources are missing a critical piece of the cat man data puzzle – the “why”

Traditional routes to shopper insight are:
  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Go out of date
  • Narrow in scope
  • Lack any insightful benchmarks

Shopper Intelligence is a better and faster way to explain all your “what shoppers buy” data. We get you closer to the “so what?”

The benefits of using our continuous survey
and observation driven shopper data to
improve store and category outcomes

  • Category oriented

    Unashamedly category and shopper focussed

  • Retailer oriented

    Get a perspective that retailers truly value

  • Comparisons

    Across store and competitor comparisons that unlock the insights

  • Always Up To Date

    Know the latest
    market dynamics

  • Affordable and efficient

    Cover all your categories and retailers continuously


How does it work?

We interview and observe shoppers at scale, measuring their perceptions, needs, and behaviours.

Using a highly efficient process, we measure all retailers, categories and brands and create a huge database covering the whole market. We do it year in and year out for the entire industry.

Our online platform makes accessing a gold mine of data and insights easy, supported by our team of category manager experts.

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Facts and Stats

Started in 2007, Shopper Intelligence is now the largest
shopper measurement program in the world. Annually:
  • k
    Shoppers globally
  • Channel programs
  • Countries
  • m
    Data points
  • Understand

    Category managers are often drowning in the “what” data, when they really need is the “why”.

    Shopper Intelligence is the only Industry set of Metrics driven by the shopper’s direct point of view. A perspective intrinsically about what they think. One that points to what you need to change.

    Whether you are focused on your brand and shopper marketing strategy, driving thinking in your business around the shopper’s needs; Or you are working on the next category proposal to your retailer; the first task is to build a robust insights-driven understanding.

  • Influence

    The crucial value we bring as you act as the bridge between your company and your retailer is the power of comparisons. The individual metrics for your department, category, segment or brand are only powerful when understood in contrast to everything else in the store.

    Retailers care immensely about how they are doing compared to their competitors. If you want to influence them, these two dimensions of comparison make all the difference. This is Shopper Intelligence’s secret sauce: the power of the sheer scale of our programs.

  • Lead

    Yes, the meat and drink of category management are about historical analysis to create efficiencies. But isn’t the true business goal to find routes to growth? To uncover the win-win opportunities?

    The actual “Trusted Advisor” to any buyer is the one that brings fresh perspectives, ideas for change, and insights that find a way to make a step-change. Proposals grounded in objective fact. Our data allows you to lead the conversation with true understanding of what matters.

  • Latest Information

    The information in the Shopper Intelligence database is constantly updated, so you can always bring the latest point of view and stay on top of changes. No more relaying on embarrassingly outdated projects or wasting time on “quick and dirty” fixes.

  • “Shopper Intelligence insights made a great difference to CCEP’s understanding of shopper perceptions on soft drinks in Grocery at the front of store. We used the Shopper Intelligence insights to highlight 3 top shopper satisfaction attributes to revive Tesco front of store and were able to achieve results directly with Tesco”

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    “This is rapidly becoming one of those tools we simply can’t live without. Retailers want to understand what’s happening outside their own four walls, and metrics about what truly matters to their shoppers. Shopper Intelligence hits a lot of blind spots that drive better solutions”

  • Hasbro logo

    “SI gives you something fresh and useful that the retailer doesn’t already know insight wise, so you can add value for your buyer and build that trusted relationship”

  • “I’ve always believed that the idea of having a “Category Role” for each category was a breakthrough concept that Category Management brought to retail decision making. It’s great that Shopper Intelligence now adds objective shopper-led metrics to this crucial discussion.”

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