Shopper Intelligence is the brain child of ex Unilever category management specialist Roger Jackson and ex Tesco researcher Simon Ford.


They had a shared vision to develop a more effective set of shopper insight data for the industry. One that would enable suppliers and retailers to work better together, wasting less time and money in the process.

Roger Jackson talks about how SI started

  • For suppliers

    Occasional one-off shopper research projects are time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, rarely do the typical one off projects cover all retailers and categories. Never do they stay up to date.

  • For retailers

    Most research budget aims to understand brand marketing issues. Only small budgets remain to understand Department or Category level issues. So, retailer’s commercial teams are reliant on sporadic supplier advice. But this is close to non-existent in many crucial categories (e.g. fresh) and its hard to plan your business properly with one off, occasional and differing research inputs.

So, why not create a systematic way to deliver insights for all major categories in one process? And make that data available to suppliers and retailers alike? After all, the same basic questions apply across the board. Theses same questions need answering to support category management and shopper marketing thinking.

If we measure the whole store and all retailers in one process, we can make comparisons. Comparison is the lifeblood of insights. Particularly when a supplier talks to a retailer.

No one category operates in isolation, each contributes uniquely to the store.

And why not carry out fieldwork continuously? Markets are ever-changing, and it’s never very credible to build plans on out of date research. At Shopper Intelligence, we update our data every quarter or at least every year. Everyone has the latest perspective on hand. Tracking change over time. That’s not possible with one-off projects.

Our international coverage

Shopper Intelligence provides a well understood and easy to apply set of standardised metrics across all developed markets. Our methodology is the same in each market.

We run Industry programs in the countries shown. We can easily add extra coverage to your requirement.

world map

Survey coverage in specific countries:



Shoppers interviews



All Channels

Food, Mass, Club, Drug,
Dollar, Convenience, Online

Grocery Online

Respondents: 97,745
Categories: 117


Respondents: 97,745
Categories: 117

Convenience & Gas

Respondents: 4,069
Categories: 16


Respondents: 9,774
Categories: 196

Highstreet Pharmacy

Respondents: 3882
Categories: 19


Respondents: 43,398
Categories: 200

Grocery 2022

Respondents: 28,523
Categories: 128


Respondents: 40000+
Categories: 106

Liquor Off Premise – Online

Respondents: 1300
Categories: 15

Liquor On Premise

Respondents: 1300
Categories: 37


Respondents: 47500
Categories: 181


shopper interviews



All Channels

Grocery, E-Commerce, Convenience, Traditional Liquor

Data at your fingertips

Unlike one-off projects, our syndicated approach allows us to invest in Industry-leading cloud-based software that gives your teams the ability to get exactly the answers they need from our vast database. Quickly and easily.


It makes our shopper insights valuable year-round, week in and week out.


Our vision is that our data becomes regularly used as all your other continuous data is. The same people access it in a similar fashion. So, no meeting is based on just the “what” of what shoppers did, but also includes the“why” of shopper behavior. We call this “putting the shopper into the heart of the conversation”. A crucial ingredient to getting to the “what next”.


Once your teams learn what Shopper Intelligence provides and get used to the software, this becomes part of their capability; “learning to fish” in shopper insights terms.
Of course, our team are on hand to assist with any query or project

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