The Solution

We use a blend of unique insights, quantitative data, comparisons and context to provide our clients with information that puts the “why” behind shopper purchase decisions.

Shopper Intelligence the Solution
  • Unique insights

    Shopper Intelligence gets you insights you can’t get from Loyalty card, Scan or Panel data. We illuminate underlying purchase drivers you can only understand by talking to shoppers themselves. Our huge database is more powerful than any custom project, because we compare each category to all the others, and each retailer to its competitors.

  • Quantitative data

    We gather our data by large scale-post shop survey and whole-store automated instore observations by video. We bring robust samples to enable depth analysis with statistical validity. We aggregate to look at Department and Store level data. You can “deep dive” to compare Segments and individual Brands. And regularly repeating fieldwork means we track change over time.

  • Comparisons and context

    Central to the Shopper Intelligence design is the ability to put your category, brand or store in market context. It’s not about the absolute numbers. It’s about how it compares and what this means in uncovering problems or opportunities. Because each category competes for resources and attention with all the others in the stores, buyers need to understand the relative position of any individual category whether in the same aisle or the total store. Suppliers also need to know this to win support for their proposals. Strategy is about making investment choices, the right choices for this category. Of course, retailers compete with each other. Benchmarking to competitors is powerful for business decisions, and for suppliers to be truly seen as trusted advisors.

Summarising our data


Category DNA

  • What is the Role of the category to the store?
  • What level of Engagement does it have?
  • What is the Decision Hierarchy and product/brand Loyalty?
  • Is the category Expandable or not?
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  • What is important to shoppers of the category?
  • How well are we delivering that, relative to other
    categories and retailers?
  • What do shoppers want to see improved?
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Path to Purchase

  • How planned is our category?
  • How do shoppers make their decisions?
  • What influences them and when?
  • What is the true impact of promotions?
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Private Label


What is shopper demand for and
response to PL in this category?

In Store Conversion

  • How well does your bay, aisle, display
    or promotion “convert” traffic in the store
    to buy?
  • What is the impact of point of sale on
    shopper behavior?

    Digging below the surface

    Power comes from understanding different shoppers. Shopper Intelligence gets to issues other data sources simply cannot:

  • Compare loyal to occasional category shoppers
  • Compare loyal versus occasional retailer customers
  • Buyers of Brand A versus Brand B, or segment C
    versus Segment D
  • Understand those
    buying from gondola ends
    or secondary display
    versus main fixture
  • Planned
    versus impulse buyers

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