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Navigate the consumer goods landscape with the Category Trend Analyzer, a tool from Shopper Intelligence that highlights what’s shaping shopper behavior across the market and store.

Easily identify and capitalize on trends that matter most to your category, brand, or store.

What is the Category Trend Analyzer?

The Category Trend Analyzer leverages cutting-edge technology that transcends traditional keyword searches.

CTA explores the nuanced layers of social media and publication discussions. It delivers up-to-date and accurate real-world information to help you make decisions that keep you ahead of the curve.

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How it works

Once you have access to Category Trend Analyzer, it’s easy to use:

Select your target market: the US, UK, or Australia/New Zealand, or all of them.
Focus on a variety of segments such as shoppers or industry publications, or both.
Pick a category (e.g. fresh meat, soft drinks, household, etc.). We have you covered.
Drill down to discover the key topics, ranked by prevalance, and benchmarks in specific geographies.

Some of the thousand of sources for the Category Trend Analyzer

  • yahoo-logo
  • times and star logo
  • news24
  • USA_Today logo
  • The_Guardian
  • abc logo
  • BBC_logo
  • the-mirror-logo
  • the times logo
  • new-york-times-logo
  • cnn logo
  • New-Daily-Mail-logo
  • News Au logo
  • wsj logo

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