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The FREE Category Trend Analyzer from Shopper Intelligence uses AI to scour the Internet to accurately measure what’s being “talked” about.

Discover the hottest CPG topics and track changes quarter to quarter.

What is the Category Trend Analyzer?

CTA uses advanced technology and AI and provides nuanced insights into the consumer goods sector.

Our AI technology delves into the complex layers of social media and publication content. We ensure the insights’ accuracy and relevance so you can confidently make decisions.

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How it works

Once you have access to CTA, it’s easy to use:

Select your target market: the US, UK, or Australia/New Zealand.
Focus on a broad spectrum or segments such as shoppers or industry publications.
Pick a category, fresh meat and fish or any other product; we have you covered.
Drill down to discover trends in specific geographies.

With parameters set, CTA generates a list of top trending topics, complete with visual bar charts and real-time data visualizations.

Each trend is accompanied by an AI-powered description, helping you undertand its implications and assess the impact on your category.

Who’s behind the Category Trend Analyzer?

The tool was created by Shopper Intelligence, the world’s only benchmarking system built on what shoppers think, want and do. We elevate your category thinking with the non-stop voice of the shopper data fueled by across-the-store comparisons.

With Shopper Intelligence, you get the how-and-why insights at a scale that’s impossible to afford anywhere else. Learn more about Shopper Intelligence.

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Some of the sources for the Category Trend Analyzer

  • abc logo
  • the times logo
  • cnn logo
  • News Au logo
  • wsj logo

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