Written by Roger Jackson,
November 14th, 2018 | Views

Shopper Insights shouldn’t be controlled only by the big guys

Insights are the new currency in Packaged Goods. As the squeeze on space, the proliferation of promotions and the advance of omnichannel make selling tougher and tougher; one resource will help you meet your goals.

Insight has become the currency of the conversation with your buyer. It’s about bringing a superior understanding of the shopper.

We’d assert this applies to all companies, big and small.

In the past perhaps, the big companies would spend mega bucks on significant shopper studies and use these to persuade retailers to make big changes (in their favour?). But there are now so many more easy to access and cheaper to fund routes to insights that even the smallest supplier should be more than capable of leveraging new insights to win buyer support.

We’d argue you don’t even need a research manager to do this.

You don’t have to understand everything about a category. One penetrating insight that uncovers and opportunity is enough. If it’s fact-based, objectively obtained, and well presented.

Nor do you have to pay a small fortune for the entire data set from IRI or Nielsen. Frankly, why go to the meeting only with data that tells you what’s already happened? A small budget spent on getting some “new news” by comparison could be far more impactful.

As with Uber, Airbnb and Whatsapp, technology is removing barriers to capability or access. This applies as much in Shopper Research as in any other field. Democratizing the dialogue with buyers. We love it!