Written by Roger Jackson,
August 16th, 2017 | News

New logo – not just decorative; it marks a new philosophy

I am pleased to announce the adoption by Shopper Intelligence of a new global brand identity.

What’s the point of this? Well, when we started the business a few years ago we thought that the basic concept of measuring for shopper satisfaction for supermarket categories was a fairly simple idea: to plug an obvious gap in the Industry data set. A gap that had been missing since category management was first developed and manufacturers first started to “care about the shopper”.  We grew out of Advantage International, who measure retailer “satisfaction” with suppliers, demonstrating to us the desire for clients to be measured and receive benchmarks to focus improvement efforts.

But in ten years the SI program has evolved considerably and we have become aware that our data set can be way more powerful than we’d even anticipated. It’s far more than just measurement.  It’s been our clients saying to us “this has been far more useful than we expected” that has made us sit up and scratch our heads. The truth is that in creating a single (huge) database capturing a range of “fundamental” buying metrics direct from the voice of the shopper we have built a tool that can be applied to a myriad of business issues. Harnessing the sheer scale of our data, splitting the data out by shopper type, by segment or brand, or by retailer, and making comparisons across these groups and tracking change, we can uncover granular insights that makes a lie of any thought that Shopper Intelligence is just a “report” that you can read and then discard.

Also, we are moving away from year by year point in time reporting to a continuous field process providing continuously updated tracking of the market place.

So, we wanted a visual idea that implied far more depth and capability that clients can get from subscribing to our database. A set of relevant up to date metrics always at hand to address the specific business question that is being debated that week, and a different one next week…..

We also wanted to imply the increasing sophistication of our software. SI has always been on the leading edge of reporting tech since we built our business from day 1 to be as “zero touch” as we could possibly achieve (and hence more cost efficient).  Now every client can log in and cut and slice the data any way they wish and produce whatever reports and charts they need at one click.

I am pleased to introduce our new identity, one that is a marker of how we are evolving, how we are learning and how we seek to deliver even more value for our clients: