Written by Roger Jackson,
July 18th, 2018 | Views

Infographic: How do shoppers behave at Discounters (Aldi)?

In this infographic built from Shopper Intelligence’s unique database of interviews from thousands of shoppers across the USA, measured retailer by retailer, category by category, we look at what’s different about the emerging “discounter” channel.

Everyone knows how strong the price image of Aldi is, and its limited range of mainly own brands, but using Safeway as representative of a typical supermarket store, I am also struck by the difference in behaviour around promotions and impulse. Clearly, Aldi doesn’t have the traditional high low pricing model, so promotions are less ubiquitous, but it’s notable how effective they are.

Aligned to the overall price perception, despite being on average lower income, shoppers seem very willing to put another item in the basket. This may, of course, vary by category.

Download the infographic here.