Written by Roger Jackson,
May 18th, 2016 | Views

Aldi explore premiumisation in Australia – new pics

Much discussion in the UK about Aldi’s onward march taking share from the major Supermarkets. Assumptions abound about price being a dominant factor in stealing shopper baskets. But as our earlier research has shown for many shoppers the appeal of interesting foods and one off deals is almost as important in making the trip, particularly for more upmarket shoppers. Given this we were intrigued by the appearance of several test concept stores in Australia, exploring a much more aspirational and upmarket exposition of Aldi. Perhaps borrowing from  Aldi’s Trader Joe’s experience in the USA, these new stores contain displays, ranging and merchandising that would perhaps be as at home in a Waitrose as an old style “hard discounter”. Lets see if these catch hold and see expansion in coming years.

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Following trends in Gluten Free

Following trends in Gluten Free

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