Written by Roger Jackson,
March 01st, 2018 | News

The nearest thing to a dead cert – how to win the category management battle in 2018

Winning in category management can come down to many things, but the one certain way to get your buyers to listen to you rather than competitors is to bring a totally new perspective that’s a game changer on merchandising, planograms and ranging. It’s rare that such a breakthrough becomes available in the UK.

Your goal should always be to discover a new insight about shoppers in your category that uncovers a new opportunity for growth. That could come from all the panel, scan and loyalty card data out there. But its hard to think that for all the money you spend on it, anything in there is going to be a real step forward.

We are not the kind of people to make idle claims or boasts. It is rare that something comes along that in the world of shopper insight does something that just wasn’t possible before.

We are bringing just such an innovation to the UK in 2018. In a nutshell, we are using new software that via AI can “see” what real life shoppers, doing actual shops, are doing around the store, covering all the major categories.

For the first time you can understand how well your category is “working” and where to improve it – for a fraction of the cost ever possible before. It is going to be a must-have source of insights. So why not get in first?