Sainsbury’s Price Match 2021

Sainsbury’s Price Match 2021

Since February, Sainsbury’s new tagline is ‘Helping everyone eat better‘ – which reflects being more environmentally conscious and giving customers value for money.

Our first analysis is based on our UK survey of 34,000 shoppers in 100+ CPG categories. Sainsbury’s strategy needs to be differentiated by category with the following focus.

1. DON’T cannibalize your margins unnecessarily. There are some categories where shoppers are quite happy to pay more. EDLP in these categories will have little impact on your overall shopper satisfaction

2. DO run promotions. Some categories respond well to these and there are incremental gains to be had by avoiding fixed low-price strategies her

3. DO look at what else matters to your shoppers at a category level: honour commitments on pace of innovation, healthy options, sustainability. Give shoppers MORE range if that’s what they are asking for. Once size does not fit all.

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