Neutral, unbiased, comparable data on what category, brand and retail shoppers really want.

Shopper Research is an incredibly progressive idea. Born of the age of Category Management, it’s fuelled by Industry consolidation and the resulting, ever increasing need for retailers and manufacturers to work together to optimize their joint business. When insights are delivered and identify the drivers and barriers of shopper purchasing, changes can be implemented that influence and grow categories to the benefit of both parties.

Therefore, the objective of shopper research is to uncover crucial information about how shoppers think, behave and process decisions. Most importantly is the need to discover what shoppers want, and whether or not we are currently giving it to them. Then we must identify how they move from need to purchase.

Understand shopper behavior to improve category management and shopper marketing outcomes.

A global, syndicated shopper research platform, which is based on interviewing shoppers of all major categories, brands and retailers, in one economically efficient benchmarking process.
Our data is organized the way a retailer needs to think about the shopper, making it a powerful enhancement to category planning. It also helps drive effective joint working between manufacturer and retailers; offering a lower level of investment than custom shopper research. Shopper Intelligence is complementary in nature to Panel, EPOS and Loyalty Card data which tell you what shoppers are buying, but not why they are buying it.
What does it provide?
  • Places ‘definitive’ shopper measures into category and brand planning
  • Educates category vision, strategy and tactical execution
  • Mediates supplier — retailer cooperative work: top to top and day by day
  • Delivers shopper “Key Performance Indicators” for category performance over time
  • Creates a Scorecard for categories
How is it used?
  • Define the important attributes of any category-segment or category-group
  • Compare retailers and channels
  • Benchmark categories across the store
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within category performance
  • Monitor trends over time
  • Economically efficient shared platform
  • Comprehensive and unbiased
  • High range of standardized reporting — easy to understand and simple to navigate
  • Online reporting dashboard – user friendly and uncomplicated to access
  • See broad context for a category: including where it ranks
  • See into retailer specific differences
  • Singular point of reference used by both retailers and their manufacturers
  • Consistent across subsequent years and within multiple categories
Our Clients

We have been humbled by our experiences with some of the most well known companies in America. It’s been an incredible and successful start to a much needed evolution in Shopper Marketing.

Case Studies

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Club Retailer

Club Retailer

Case Study

Canadian Suppliers & Retailers

Canadian Suppliers & Retailers

Case Study

6 Pillars of Shopper Solutions

6 Pillars of Shopper Solutions

Case Study


There is an art to using categorical comparisons to motivate progressive change.

Compare Retailers

If a retailer is performing less well than another, this offers a identifiable and crucial insight for positive change.

Compare Categories

Understanding if we are doing better or worse than others is influential knowledge. Being able to see if our category is doing more legwork for the store compared to others informs us on what our recommendations should reflect.

Track over time.

Year over year benchmarking tells us about change within the market place, trends in shopper expectations and tracks whether the changes being made are achieving their desired goals.

A more cost efficient and contextual solution than multiple custom projects.

Existing sources provide behavioral data demonstrating “what” is being purchased
… but little forward looking into “why” helping to understand shoppers themselves
Historically, you need customized research to get any real insights about what shoppers think and want. That’s expensive, time consuming and often infrequent.
Shopper Interviews

Shopper data that drives engagement

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Kelly McGinnis


Fun Facts

Self-diagnosed Golf addict
Ich wählen Bayerische Motoren Werke (I choose Bavarian Motor Works - English Translation will not be shown)
Could live on grilled steak
I’d rather be at the beach

Matt Crowe

Senior Category Manager

Fun Facts

Music Lover
Always running rain or shine
Anywhere with friends is my favorite spot
Give me data to mine for Insights stat!

Marc Boria

Senior Vice President

Fun Facts

Greatest Gathering place in world … the kitchen table
My greatest contribution to society - Lauren, Julia, Jonah
My life’s pursuit - ‘la dolce vita’
Greatest sport played - Calico

Tyler Erickson

Director of Marketing

Fun Facts

Faith, Family, Friends. In that Order
German Shepherds are man’s best friend
Smile! It takes less muscles
Apple technology runs my life


Fraser Lockhart

VP Business Development USA

Fun Facts

Fortunate to work with a great team.
Hobby is DIY home improvement.
Curling is a lot harder than it looks.
Still trying to figure out golf.

Jamie Facchini

VP Analytics & Operations

Fun Facts

Always on the go, hockey, walks, cycling
Family is an endless source of laughter and delight
I live to solve problems
Analytics gives me an avenue to do what I love