Written by Roger Jackson,
November 30th, 2017 | Views

What’s the shopping mission type we rarely focus on?

I hear more and more often about the need for shopper marketers and category managers to think about shopper missions as the underlying construct for their plans. I totally agree. Brand managers think “consumer needs” to build their thinking. Shopper mission is a kind of the shopping equivalent.

Of course, at the macro level, this can be answered a number of classic ways.

  • Main shop or top up shop
  • Shopping for today or later
  • For me or for them
  • Stocking up vs specific item

The most useful mission definitions are, of course, usage or user based.  Because these can unlock real value. There are well-executed examples in stores of this today, eg the lunch mission (meal deal), or the “big night in” mission (drinks and snack). Fairly easy to execute against these ones. And online, without layout constraints, can do it even better, “kids tea” deals, “dinner tonight” offers. I hope you have already thought these through for your category (ie; you know your typical usage occasions or user types)?

But here is one kind of mission that gets missed far too often. Indeed, manufacturers tend to steer clear of it. The true shopper trip need…

For example, the “get in and out fast” as possible” mission. The “I just need a….” mission, or the “I’ve only got £20 today to spend” mission. How about “I have to look after the kids today” mission? Or “just killing time” or maybe “I’m bored and lonely” mission?  I reckon there is loads more mileage around the store in understanding some of these better. And I don’t know about you, but they’d resonate with me far more often than the “big night in”.

How to execute? Well, maybe Pampers could sponsor the “play zone” or Knorr the “cooking demo” or Pringles the “what’s on at the local cinema” screen…or Nivea the “shop with a friend” initiative…and I note we keep being told that there is too much space in the store these days!